Online booking requires a minimum of 8 hours’ notice before the desired time. If you require a service within less than 8 hours, we recommend calling directly to check availability.

Special offer packages

( Valentines - Anniversary- mother’s & Father’s day )

Massage + flowers = $200
Massage + Flowers + Mani Pedi = $240
Massage + Flowers + chocolate = $300
Massage + flowers + chocolate + wine = $350
Massage + Mani Pedi + Flowers + chocolate + wine = $390


Give the gift of relaxation and rejuvenation, treat yourself or your loved ones with a G&GSpa gift certificate for the perfect indulgence.

About Us : 

E stablished in 2014, G&G Spa is a distinguished mobile spa business offering exceptional services across Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and the United States. Redefining traditional spa experiences, G&G Spa brings luxury directly to clients' homes.

 Since 2015, G&G spa has been a pioneer in massotherapy education,

 with a curriculum meeting all standards, providing more than 500 hours of comprehensive training led by dedicated career instructors. Renowned for professionalism, our experienced massage therapists deliver outstanding care, solidifying G&G Spa's reputation for excellence.

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